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Complaint Handling Code Self-Assessment June 2024.

by Anne-Marie Pearce & filed under Keelman Homes

Keelman carried out a census style survey, aiming to reach 100% of our tenants and leaseholders. At the time the survey was conducted, 299 homes were occupied by customers eligible to participate. 206 customers were invited by email to participate, 80 invited via text and 13 contacted via telephone – this was in line with our customers preferred methods of contact. Assessing representativeness of the sample and weighting of a sample was not applicable. We received responses from 63 of our customers, which equated to a response rate of 21%.

The survey was live for 6 weeks, from November 27th 2023 until 8th January 2024. We did not employ a third party to conduct our perception survey, and this cost saving allowed us instead to incentivize customers to participate by offering vouchers; 10 participants were selected at random when the survey closed, and each winner was issued with a £50 food shopping voucher.

In line with the Ombudsman requirement for all registered providers of affordable housing, who are also members of the Housing Ombudsman, we have carried out our self-assessment. You can view our self assessment by following this link: Complaint Handling Code Self-Assessment 2024