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Board members step down

by Anne-Marie Pearce & filed under Latest news

Keelman Homes would like to thank Joseph Gardiner and Thomas Sutton for serving on the Keelman Homes Board. Both have resigned from the Keelman Homes board in February 2022 due to other commitments/duties they have to fulfil, but we are grateful for the commitment they showed to improve the lives of Keelman Homes tenants. We… Read the full article →


Keelman Homes Tenancy Agreement

by Anne-Marie Pearce & filed under Tenancy Agreement

SECTION ONE – TENANCY AGREEMENT 1.1     This is a tenancy agreement between the Landlord and you. This tenancy agreement is the document you sign when you become a tenant of the Landlord. 1.2       This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the Landlord and records information such as your name, the date you… Read the full article →


Data Subject Access Requests

by Anne-Marie Pearce & filed under Data Protection

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, people have a right to know what information Keelman Homes holds about them. You have a right to know the information that Keelman Homes holds about you. This includes: what information we hold what we use the information for who we have disclosed that information to who… Read the full article →


Right to Acquire – Frequently asked questions

by Anne-Marie Pearce & filed under Owning your home

As a Keelman Homes tenant, you could be eligible to buy the home you rent at a discount of £9,000. You can apply to buy your home if you’ve had a public sector landlord for three years. Am I eligible? You might be able to buy if: Your property was built or bought by Keelman Homes after… Read the full article →


Shared ownership – Frequently asked questions

by Anne-Marie Pearce & filed under Keelman Homes

What is shared ownership? Shared ownership gives those who can’t afford to buy a home outright the opportunity to buy a share of it. This can be between 25%-75% of the home’s value. You will pay “subsidised rent” on the percentage of the property that you do not own, which means the rent is less… Read the full article →